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All of them like faster internet speed. In present Windows operating system doesn’t offer the easiest way to monitor internet speed.  Though it’s better track internet bandwidth usage. If you are experiencing slow Internet speed, it’s better identified what’s the reason. Because it can be a malware infection or background Windows update or any other application may be download large files or it can be your ISP (internet service provider) issue. If we can correctly identify the issue, we can fix it easily.

NetSpeedMonitor is a one of the best and simple Windows net speed monitor application. This tiny application displays your computer current bandwidth usage on your notification area. It supports wired and wireless connections. It shows download and upload speeds separately. User can customize it network interface, layout, bit rate, font and many more.

Apart from that this application not only track Windows internet speed, it can show your computer existing connections in real time with the remote IP address under TCP and UDP categorization. Moreover it shows which type of connection use. For an instance HTTP or HTTPS. Using that feature, we can identify which applications connected with the internet. Using this option, user can identify any suspicious applications.

Netspeedmeter screenshot

NetSpeedMonitor Features. 

  • Measure Internet Speed.
  • Track active connection information.
  • Backup and restore data usage statistics.
  • Monitor multiple connections and interface.
  • Quick view statistics.
  • Easily enable and disable the service.
  • Light widget and lower resource usage.

After the user hover the mouse  over the taskbar net speed overview area, it shows month, today and this season bandwidth usage respectively. In addition to that it shows system uptime and current network interface. Using NetSpeedMonitor General settings option it gives quick access to various options. For an instance double click on the taskbar area “Set Monitoring on/off”.

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User can backup and restore the data usage statistics to hard disk. With this option, we can limit the data usage. It’s really helpful if you have a limited bandwidth internet package.  Most of the time people try to use or similar online tool to monitor download speed, however it’s not accurate at all the time. Therefore software based real time analytic system is more effective.

NetSpeedMonitor is a totally free tool. It supports XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista , Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions 32 and 64 bit operating systems. If you face any trouble while running this tool, you can use the Windows troubleshoot compatibility option.

Download: – in here.

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