Easily Update CyanogeMod ROM Using Delta With CyanDelta Updater App

CyanogenMod is a one of the highly popular Android custom ROM. Normally when we are updating the CM ROM, we have to download entire ROM. It takes much time, uses higher data. CyanDelta is a free app that download a small delta file with less than 20MB and build the updated zip file. In this process this application needs a base ROM. Then it compares the changed files using the based ROM and download only those changed files to your device.  Then it rebuilds the an updated CyanogenMod ROM.

This whole process takes few minutes. Once it’s downloaded the delta file, this app starts building the new zip file. Then it copies the completed zip file to the internal SD card (internal memory) CyanDelta folder. As a result of local rebuilding process, original CM ROM and CyanDelta build ROM MD5 are different. However the content of the zip file is same as the official ROM zip file.

Unlike the ROM manager delta updater, this application keeps deltas between the 40 precedent builds. Therefore users need not download the delta file regularly. If your ROM is not older than 40 days you can download the delta.

CyanDelta Updater App main menu

This is not only a ROM Downloader app, it has the ability to automatically install the downloaded CyanogenMod ROM as well as automatically check for new updates. Apart from that before reboot into the recovery user can add additional zip files to installation queue. Official CWM recovery installed user can’t use this automatic zip file installation feature. Because CWM developer restricted it.

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CyanDelta can automatically check for update. The user can apply customized time period. In addition to that, this application can automatically wipe dalvik cache after the zip file installed. In order to install additional zip file right after the ROM installed, those files should copy into the internal memory “Cyandelta” folder.

This application only supports official CyanogenMod ROM which listed in get. cm. Once the new CM ROM appeared on get.com, it will take several minutes to appear delta update.


How to update CyanogenMod ROM with delta update.

  • Install CyanDelta from Google Play.
CyanDelta Updater
CyanDelta Updater
Developer: Mattia Baldani
Price: Free+
  • Copy the latest CyanogenMod ROM zip file to your SD or internal memory. If you don’t have a ROM zip file, download CM ROM for your device in here.  If you download incorrect zip file, it will brick your phone, tablet.
  • If you need to install additional zip files such as Gapps, kernel. Copy that zip files to “Cyandelta” directory.
  • Run the CyanDelta application and select the copied ROM zip file.
  • Next CyanDelta will import the zip file and will create another zip in “Cyandelta” folder.
  • When an update available, a notification will appear. Tap update button. Then it will be starting download the delta.

downloading delta file

  • The new version will be listed under the “Available update” with the zip file name. Tap on that button to start the download.

CyanDelta app screenshot

  • Once the download completed, it starts rebuilding the ROM file.
  • The new zip placed in “Cyandelta” directory.
  • Now it promotes automatic installation, if you need to install additional files cancel that request.
  • To install additional zip files go to settings and tap “Install additional zip after ROM 1”. Then choose necessary zip files.
  • Next on the CyanDelta main menu tap “Install” button. Now your phone will be rebooted into the recovery and try to install all the zip files. If you have official CWM, you can’t use this automatic installation.
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