Fix Unknown Error Code During Application Install Play Store Error

Rarely when we try to install some apps Google Play Store shows “Unknown Error Code During Application Install”. As a result of that we can’t install some of the apps, but not all the apps and game. Most of the situation we can fix this issue by performing a factory reset. However, it’s useless. Because this issue can fix without wiping all the user data on your device.

Before following this tutorial it’s better to check what is the reason for this issue. When we are installing new applications on our Android phone, tablet; it creates a new folder in the “data/data” directory. However, if there’s already file/folder with the same name, it’s causing this issue. The main reason for remains leftovers in that directory is unsuccessful applications uninstallations. Apart from that, in some situation after reboot the phone, all the user app’s data can wipe (as a side effect of the app data cache). In that situation, we can see this issue.

In order to follow this tutorial, your device should root and install a root enabled file manager application. If it’s not rooted, then you have to perform a factory reset. Then it will erase all the user data on your Android phone, tablet.

Google play unknown error

How To Fix Unknown Error Code During Application Install Play Store Error.


  • Install a root enabled file manager application. Personally I recommend Root Browser app.
  • Then open the application. The very first time it will ask from you “Download utilities”. Tap “Yes”.
  • Grant the root permission.
  • Then navigate to the “data/data” folder.
  • In there you can see all the user application data store folders.
  • Browse the relevant folder. You can find it by searching the app name. For an instance Chrome app, it shows “”.
  • Tap and hold the selected folder.
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Choose folder

  • Next context menu chooses “delete”.

Delete the folder

  • Confirm the action by tapping “Yes”.
  • That’s all. Now this Unknown Error Code During Application Instal gone.


If you receive “Unknown Error Code During Application Instal” error for multiple applications, you have to find all those apps data folders and delete.

You can see “/data/data” directory folders have a small thumbnail. If you can see a folder without a thumbnail, it indicates that the folder doesn’t have an apk file. Which mean somehow that APK file deleted or missing. So it’s better to delete or rename such folders.

If you still are experiencing Google Play Store Unknown Error Code During Application Install error message. Then you have to factory reset your device. Then this issue will fix.

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