How Unblock Facebook, YouTube Free without Admin Permission Windows

Internet censorship in everywhere. Sometime it may be a country wide block or sometime it can be network wise restricted. Mainly we can see Facebook, YouTube block in office networks. In your office you may not able to log-in Facebook, YouTube accounts. All the traffics from those sites are blocked by your company internet filtering firewall.

We can see several solutions. Using a proxy site, Virtual Private Network (VPN). Proxy based sites are a bit slower, although VPN are not. Apart from that proxy sites don’t encrypt the connection, therefore it’s not giving good security. Any 3rd party can view your connection. VPN encrypts all connections. But the problem is in order to establish a VPN network, we have to install a client application on our computer. If your office laptop or desktop computer doesn’t have an Administrator account, there’s no way to install such a VPN application.

UltraSurf logo

UltraSurf is a one of the easiest to use anti-censorship portable application that can unblock any website. It does not require any installation. Just double click UlraSurf.exe file it start the service. This tool can run under any user account, even guest account. It encrypted all HTTP based all protocols. Therefore, any third party user can’t view your data communication in between you and the server. Moreover, it also encrypts files download and upload.

Ultra Surf main window

Application main window we can see the performance of the server. Normally it automatically detects and establishes the highest performance server. Close to the 100% is the highest performance server. When it shows “Status” as “Successfully connected to Server”, you can start the web surfing. If it’s showing “Connecting Server” for a longer time, try to select another server or exit and reopen the application.

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Once open Ultra Surf it automatically establishes the encrypted secure connection with their server and open the Internet Explorer (IE). If it’s use IE web browser, we can use any web browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.) installed on our computer. After exiting the Ultra Surf,  it automatically wipes the browser history and cookies. Therefore, it will not keep any trace of your web surfing.

This tool mainly developed for Chinese users. Because china has the largest censorship. Once Ultra Surf established the connection, it uses USA based IP address.

In my situation, I tested this tool with several Facebook and YouTube blocked network. These networks use premium enterprises level security guard, which enabled web filtering feature (FB and YT). After enabling Ultra Surf unblock website filter I can successfully log-in my accounts.  I didn’t experience any connection slowdown issue. Therefore, this is a good alternative solution for unblock YouTube, Facebook websites.

Download Ultrasurf latest version in here. If you can’t access this site, just leave a comment or contact me via the contact form.

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