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These days most of the office, school computers blocked Facebook, YouTube etc websites. Normally when we need to unblock Facebook, YouTube, Hulu, etc. any website which is blocked, we use a proxy or VPN connections. Proxy connections have easily established any computer, but the biggest drawbacks are that connections are slow network speed and anyone can easily (network admin) view the connection details. Because connection not encrypted. However, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is more reliable, use end to end encryption and faster than the proxy connections.

In a normal situation when we need to create a Virtual Private Network connection we have to install the VPN provider client application on our computer. But if you need to unblock websites using office computers, most of the cases not possible. Because most of the office computers additional software installation blocked by the administrator.

This post I’m going to use the free VPN chrome extension. If your computer doesn’t install the Chrome web browser, you can install it without administrator permission. Most interesting this is this type of secure encrypted connection is we can surf the web without losing the privacy.

Free VPN connections

Hotspot Shield and DotVPN are one of the best Google Chrome free VPN connection extensions. Unlike my previous post, this method we don’t need to use any program. Once installed the extension just a single click we can unblock YouTube, Facebook etc sites. If you’re using Chrome password profile, then you can completely hide your extension and history to others. If you don’t have a password protected Chrome profile you can read this guide.

Hotspot Shield.

This is one of the best VPN connections. Normally they offer service for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and Windows Mobile OS. This free VPN (Virtual Private Network) offers 9 different country connection. Just single clicks we can enable secure VPN connection and unblock Facebook, YouTube etc any web site. This is a great service for bypass firewalls to avoid being tracked. This is better than the free Facebook proxy site because HotSpot Shield gives full network speed without limiting the bandwidth.

Get the HotSpot Shield Chrome VPN Extension here.



This is another good VPN for unblock Facebook, YouTube etc popular websites and apps at your school, university, work or anywhere just a single click. This is not just a secure VPN. It saves your bandwidth by compressing the traffic. DonVPN uses 4096-bit key is 2 times. It ensures greater protection than banking standards.

This service offers 12 different countries IP addresses and supports popular TOR sites. Which means you can access any.onion websites using Google Chrome. You receive full network speed and bandwidth and it doesn’t show any advertisement. So you can unblock YouTube videos without buffering. Unlike the HotSpot Shield, this service requests your email address to start the service.

Get the DonVPN Chrome extension here.


Above mentioned alternative options are the best tool to bypass censorship. You may interest to read my previous post that unblock any website using Ultra Suf in here.

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