Best Top Android Racing Games Apps Collection

Playing games on Android phone, tablet more fun. There are lots of  top racing games Android. There are lots of free and paid games. This post I added top car racing games and motorcycle games. Some of these games have better graphic therefore they need high end devices.

This post I sorted games according to their performance. I have added free games as well as premium games. While you are playing these Android racing games, you can upgrade by using in-app purchase. All of them has several cars and motorcycles with different upgrade options. When user win the game it receive the game coins. Using them, can purchase new vehicles and upgrade them. All these games need to download additional files to the internal memory card.


Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Asphalt8 is the latest game of the popular Gamelost Asphalt series. This game has the latest Audi, Lamborghini Veneno,  MBW, TESLA, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FXX and Pagani Zonda R with 47 cars. This Android racing game uses Iceland, Nevada Desert, Tokyo, Venice, French Guiana, Barcelonga, London, Alps, Monaco locations. Apart from the main track ,it has hidden shortcuts. Asphalt 8 for Android support signal player and multi-player. This game can play selected devices. User have to run the game in road system, however there are off road shortcuts.

Asphalt 8 screenshot

While user driving randomly available cash and nitro fuel pick-ups. User can collect them driving through pick-ups. Using them can speedup the race. In order to boosts the nitro fuel, user need to swipe up. Once the nitro bar filled, user can boost to to 3time. It give ultra speed. You have to carefully use the nitro gas otherwise you will end up crash. Airbrone has has action, immerse, close and fixed view. There is day and night races. Apart from that there’s traffic, you have to carefully drive.

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Gameloft automatically backup game progress to the cloud. With its ghost mode you can play with your friends even if they are not online. I have no clear idea how to work, but it really fun. User receive extra credits by calculating total air time, knockdown, etc. Using Google play store in-app purchase option, user can instantly purchase new cars. While driving on the race, user can collect nitro gases. Using them, can take maximum speed. Apart from that, user can collect game coins by performing barrel roll, maneuver through the air and wild 360º jumps. It has quality motor sounds with music track.


Asphalt 8 - Car Racing Game
Asphalt 8 - Car Racing Game
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free



Need for Speed™ Most Wanted.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is another top racing game for Android developed by the popular EA (Electronic Arts) game. This game has super quality graphic with popular manufacture latest models cars. Unlike the GameLoft series, NFS most wanted Android game doesn’t offer extra add-on while playing game.

NFS most wanted screenshot

After completing new level it unlock the new levels with cars. It’s not only has cars, it has BMW, Audi, SRT Viper, Porsche, Hummer and many more. User can customize the cars color, engine and many more things. Like other NFS series, this cars games also available cops (police officers). NFS Most wanted Android game can play most of the devices without any issue. NFS most wanted has day time and nigh races with traffic.

Like the Apshalt8 this one also has high quality graphics. However according to my personal experience this game use lower resources than the Gameloft games. After log-in to your EA Origin free account, you progress automatically backup to the cloud. User can earn credit by winning the race. Apart from that it has in-app purchase. Using these credits can purchase new cars, upgrade cars. In addition to that, user can earn credits by knockdown cops.

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Need for Speed™ Most Wanted
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted
Price: To be announced



Asphalt 7: Heat.

This is the 7th game of the Asphalt game series. It has mainly 13 cups with 117 races. Apart from that there’s quick race. Like other Android racing games when you win each stage winner receive credits. There’s no any cops in this game, user can earn extra points by knockdown other members. It has career, quick play and multiplayer games. Apart from that it available special events and asphalt academy races.

Asphalt 7 screenshot

User can choose desire car and unlock existing vehicles using game credits. Moreover it available customize color, engine and other parts for better look and performances. In the race track there’s cash and nitro fuel pick-ups. These pick-ups can collect drive through them. Using these thing, improve the speed. To nitro boost, user have to swipe up the screen. However you have to carefully utilize the nitro fuel boost. Asphalt 7 offers 5 different controls some of them are accelerometer control, screen wheel, screen icons. Asphalt7 has day time and night races with traffic.

Asphalt 7 heat has Ferrari, Lotus, Audi, McLaren, GM and more than 40 different manufacture popular models. This game can’t play each and every device, your phone, tablet should meet the minimum requirement. It available London, New york, Tokyo, Shanghai,  Hawaii and many more places tacks. This game run in a city road system. Asphalt 7 heat Android game has hood, near, far and middle view. User can see what’s behind by taping and holding the bottom edge of the screen.

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The app was not found in the store. 🙁



Fast Racing 3D.

Fast racing is another good free racing game for Android. However it doesn’t have good graphics. as a result of that it can play most of the devices. Also it doesn’t download additional files. However Fast Racing has wider track. All the tracks are public roads. This application similar to the Asphalt. It has career and quick race mode. Each of these modes have beginner, standard, expert and master levels. Apart from that quick race has normal, time trial, elimination and survival modes. Like other games, user can adjust the sound, music, sensitivity and perfromaces. However it support ads.

Fast Racing

User can select wide race of cars. Moreover everyone can customize. In addition to that, each race has performance upgrade options. Such as add enhace tires, start race with full nitro bar. Like the Asphalt series games, user can collect pick-ups while driving. There are cash, Nitro gas. In order to nitro boost, user have to swipe up the screen. It gives ultra speed.


Fast Racing 3D
Fast Racing 3D
Developer: Doodle Mobile Ltd.
Price: Free
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