Speed Disqus Comments Load With Conditional On Click Load

Disqus is one of the features rich and customizable commenting service. Unlike the WordPress native commenting system, when the Disqus widget loads, it loads several Java scripts and CSS files that are hosted on their server for various purposes. Moreover, if the page available lots of comments with avatars, it also takes a few seconds. They are not optimized this widget loading time. As a result of that, this whole process will slow down the site total page loading time.

At present page loading time is a critical point in Search Engine optimization (SEO) perspectives. No one like slow site even search engine spiders (specially Google bot). With faster site, we can achieve a higher advertisement CTR, lower bonus rate and more visitors. When you are running page loading time test on webpagetest.org or whatever service, you can identify how much time takes Disqus widget.

In this technique we can load Disqus comments by click on load comments button or automatically load when the user scroll down the web page (Lazy load ). If you are participating Disqus related posts advertisement, then this method will be reduce the ads impression rate. Also, it hides the Disqus related posts links.

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How to install Disqus conditional plug-in WordPress

Before starting installs this Disqus on click comment load plug-in, user have to uninstall the official Disqus plug-in. This is a standalone app, therefore if you run official plug-in with this Disqus conditional plug-in, it will not load any comment. This conditional load plugin looks like the following screenshot (on click method).

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Disqus on click load


Install plugin.

There are mainly two ways to install a WordPress. The easiest way is search the necessary plug-in via WordPress dashboard and install. Alternatively the user can install via FTP client.

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard. Then navigate to “Plug-in>Add New” section. In their search “Disqus Conditional Load”.
  • Click on the “Install button”.
  • Next, activate the plug-in.
  • After that you can see it appearing in the WordPress sidebar.
Disqus Conditional Load
Disqus Conditional Load
Developer: Joel James
Price: Free


Like I mentioned earlier, we can mainly load the Disqus comment in two ways. Click on the view/load button or on a scroll. Personally I recommend to use click method, if the user needs to add or view comments, then he/she have to click “Load comment” button (can customize the button words). On scroll method, when the visitor scrolls down the page, it automatically loads the comments.


Configure plugin.

  • On the Conditional load page, “Load Disqus when” On click or On Scroll.
  • Under the “Button Settings”, type whatever phrase you like to show the Disqus comment loading button. Default it uses “Load comments”.
  • In “Load Comments where Short Code used” option, choose “NO”. If it’s enabled, Disqus only display comments if that page/posts available Disqus short codes.

Conditional loads settings

  • Next submit the Disqus user name.
  • Finally, click save button to apply the changes.
  • If you are using cache plug-in such as “W3Total Cache”, its better clear cache.


In order to speed up the site, you can use WordPress W3 Total Cache plugin. It can cache pages, database and minify HTML, CSS and JavaScripts. You can read my W3TC configuration tutorial in here.

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