Best Samsung Smart Stay Alternative For Any Android Phone, Tablet

Smart Stay + Android app is a one of the best application, that can keep the screen ON when reading or using the Android phone, table. We can see a similar eye tracking function in recent Samsung Galaxy series flagship devices. In this technology, Smart stay + app periodically (before reaching the screen time out) check if the user view the phone/tablet or not. If it’s not detected user face (any user), it will allow system screen time out to screen OFF (sleep). If it detected user viewing the phone/tablet, it will prevent the screen OFF.

This is a very useful function, when you are reading an ebook or browsing the web. Because in normal situation, periodically user have to touch the screen to prevent it OFF.

If you are a Samsung device user, after installed a AOSP based custom ROM such as CyanogenMod,  Omni, AOKP you will lose all these cool features. Apart from that, if you don’t have a Samsung device, you can enable smart stay on any Android phone, tablet in any Android version.

Unlike other similar apps on the Google Play store, this one uses your device’s front facing camera to track the user behavior. Like the Samsung does. Most of the Samsung Smart Stay alternative apps are used the device’s proximity or accelerometer sensors. Therefore these apps accuracies are somewhat lower.

Smart stay app screenshot


  • Track user is viewing the phone, tablet.
  • Control screen timeout and prevents screen OFF.
  • Support automated apps.
  • Prevent auto rotation.
  • Support 3rd party apps integration.

Once installed this app on your phone, the user has to run the app to start its service. Then in the device settings (Settings>Accessibility) enable the accessibility service for this app. Then it starts the smart stay functionality and control your screen timeout. It is not complicated settings. Once grant accessibility permission, it starts the service.

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There is some limitation in this system (including Samsung’s system), when the user in a low light condition, its accuracy is questionable. Because it hard it tracks the user face. Therefore developer of this app added a smart feature called “Night mode”. Once it’s activated, it will disable the screen time out. In its bead mode, it will force to enable and disable the rotation. Once it’s activated auto rotation disabled.

Smart Stay + support the 3rd party apps integration. Using that feature automated apps such as Tasker, Locale etc can trigger actions.


Smart Stay +
Smart Stay +
Developer: Guillaume Ogier
Price: Free+

Rarely sometime when you try to open camera app, you can see “Unable to access camera” error.  The reason for that issue is, Smart Stay + and device’s camera application try to access the camera. At that time you can use this “Restart Camera” app to fix that issue (Download from here).

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