How to Share Printer With Multiple Computers Network Windows

Sharing a single printer between multiple computers, network simple. With a shared printer (wire/wireless) it makes easier to print network computers’ files with a single printer. In normal way you may use a shared folder or use a flash drive to copy the necessary files to a printer hosted computer. With this method, it will reduce your and other person’s time.

Although, there’s a some security issues with share printer with network computers. If there’s an unauthorized person, he/she can easily access the printer. In some situation, you may use a networked computer in your office or home, but not like all of them to freely access the printer. We can simply block that issue with password protect printer sharing.

This process we need away ON computer with a printer. If the printer host computer goes offline (shutdown), others can’t access it. Also, you don’t need to  install the drivers all the PC’s.


Enable File and Printer Sharing Windows.

First, we have to enable the files and printer sharing on the host computer. If you’ve not enabled it you can do it by following these three steps. If you have already enabled, just skip this step.

  • Open control panel and navigate to “Advance Sharing Settings“.
  • Select your current network profile, Windows shows “current profile” name at the front of the mode, just like the screenshot.

Current network mode

  • Under the correct network mode, enable “File and printer sharing“. If you choose your current network as a private, then under the private network enable it.
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Enable Files and Printer Sharing

  • Now we can go to the next step.

Share Printer Network Windows Computers.

  • Connect your printer to the host computer and turn On. This PC should always on.
  • If it’s promoted to install necessary drivers, install it. Other PC’s you don’t need to install anything.
  • Go to control panel and search for “Devices and Printers”.

Devices and Printers

  • Right click on the printer that you want to share. Choose “Printer Properties”. If you can’t see, install the driver.
  • Click on the “Sharing” tab.

Sharing tab

  • Enable “Share this printer” option. If it’s necessary, change the share name and click “OK”. After enable the sharing it shows following type icon

Now everyone in the network sees the printer just like the regular one attached to the computer. When you need to take a printout, just select the shared one.

after shared


Turn on Password Protected Printer Sharing.

In normal situation, there’s a large number of computers connected to the network. If you need to limit the user to access the shared printer, we can do it by simply enable the password protection.

  • Open the control panel and search for “Advance Sharing Settings”.
  • Under the “All Network” enable the “Turn On Password Protected Sharing” option.

Password Protected sharing

Now anyone tries to access the printer, it will ask the hosted computer use account login credentials.

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