Remotely Transfer Files Dropbox To Google Drive Free

Remotely transferring Dropbox files to Google drive is simple these days. When we need to move to a new cloud service, we don’t need to download and upload it’s all the files. With remote uploading we can transfer any file folder to popular cloud services. Therefore, with this remote file uploading from Dropbox to Google drive doesn’t depend on your internet connection and it’s not use your bandwidth.

Google or Dropbox doesn’t offer this feature. We have to use the free service. It’s not totally free, but with free plan we can transfer many files. At this moment it supports over 20 free and paid cloud services.

Mover cloud file transfer support Box, Copy, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, PutIO, Yandex service with Amazon S3, Box, Egnyte, FTP, Google Drive, GreenQloud, Hightail, MediaTemple, MySQL, One Drive, RackSpace, SFTP, SharePoint, SmugMug, SugarSync, WebDav business services. Free plan user can connect personal cloud service and business services. logo

By using this free service I moved files from the Dropbox to Drive as well as Dropbox to my server using FTP.


How to Transfer files From Dropbox to Google Drive.

In order to use this service, first we have to create an account on Once the account activated, we can start the files and folder transferring. Go to “New Transfer”. Then click on “Select source”.

Select source cloud
Then “Select a connector” pop up window, choose “Plus” button to add Dropbox (or whatever cloud service that you need).

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Select a connector

Next “Add a connector” flash window select “Dropbox”. Then, choose “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

Adding cloud
Give a desire name. By default it named as the cloud service name. For an instance “Dropbox”. Then click “Add this connector” button.

Type a name
Login to the Dropbox account and grant the permission to Dropbox to access your account. Once you have granted the permission, you will be redirected to the home page.

Like we added the source cloud service, next add the “destination” cloud service. Which means Google Drive, or whatever cloud service that you wants. After completing Gdrive connecting step, next we can go to the file copying step. Once granted the permission, it will shows all the connected services in “Select a connector” flash window. No need to authenticate any services.


How to remotely copy files from Dropbox to Google drive.

After you connected Dropbox and Google Drive to, you can see it shows all the available files and folders.

Choose any file or folder in Dropbox (source) that you need. Next in Google Drive select where to copy the selected file or folder. If you want to copy the file to a selected folder, choose it or if you need to copy it to a root directory select only Google drive check box.

Select a folder
If you need to compress the files before transfer you can check “Archive” option. It will zip file file/ folder before transferring (it will not automatically unzip after completing the transfer).

Compress files option
Next, click “Run” option. Within few seconds it will start the files coping from Dropbox to Google Drive. You can view the progress at the “Activity” tab.

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