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ePUB is one of the best file format to read eBooks. Unlike the PDF format books, these files are responding with the screen size. Just like the responsive web page (like Digital Reborn). Therefore, it gives a full screen view and perfectly match with the screen size. And no need to zoom the pages. Apart from, some e-readers only support ePUB files.

This post, I’m going to show you the easiest and best way to convert PDF file to ePub file format. There are several ways to do it. If you are looking for a free software based offline method, this is the best method for you. Calibre is one of the best PDF to EPUB eBook converter. Actually, it’s an eBook manager for Windows, Mac, Linux operating system. Although it gives converting feature.

Calibre is a really customizable application. It supports all the PDF versions, import missing meta data from Amazon, Google books. Auto generates table of contents, search and replace regular expression, fonts rescaling  and much more. Most significant this is this tool doesn’t require many resources and not slow down your system. Unlike the PDF to EPUB Online services, calibre doesn’t have any restrictions. However in this method you can’t convert DRM protected files.

My Books shelf on tablet



How to convert PDF to ePub eBook with Calibre.

  • Download the Calibre installer from here and Install the Calibre application on your computer. They provide Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux based version. Also, they provide a portable version for Windows user. This tutorial based on the Windows based client. However, all the steps and application UI are similar.
  • Select the default device. Very first time when you are running this tool, it is requested to choose the default device. In my situation, I have selected smart phone option.
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select default device

  • Adding books. Once the installation completed, click “Add book”. If you want to import directory, click its drop down menu and choose appropriate option. Now it shows importing progress. Once it’s completed, you can see all the imported pdf in the main menu.

Add new pdf books

  • Choose the book/s which you need by click on it/them. Then click top menu bar “convert book” option.

start pdf to epub convert

  • Adjust it’s converting options as you want. But its default settings are enough. Although you can test its advanced options for better result.

  • Finally, click on the “OK” button. Now it starts the converting pdf to ePub. Its progress show the bottom of the window.  Just like the following screenshot.


  • Next save the converted file on your hard disk. Select the book that you need. Then click on the save to disk option in the top menu bar. Alternatively, you can right click on the book on the Calibre main menu and choose “save to disk” option.


  • Then choose the file save destination folder. Once it’s started the import, you can see the file saving progress.
  • Now you can copy or move that file to your e-reader, tablet, smart phone or even upload to the Google Play book or any other service.


Callibre provides you to view the converted ePub file before save it. You can view it by right click on the selected ebook and choose “view” option or by using the top menu bar view option. Moreover, with the metadata edit option, user can import the missing or uncompleted information from the Amazon or Google. However in this method, there’s a one downside, in some situation it doesn’t correctly convert paragraphs correctly.

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