OK Google For Any 3rd Party Apps Launcher With Xposed

Motorola initially started quickly launching Google now voice assistant service with “OK Google” command in their Moto X phone. Later, Google officially introduced it to their Nexus line devices with Google Now launcher (earlier called Google experience launcher). With this functionality, users can quickly launch the Google now voice assistance services anywhere in the app launcher without even touching the device.

Now every Android Open Source (AOSP) ROM available this features with that launcher. Although it’s not supported some of the 3rd party apps launchers. However, some app launchers such as Nova support this function. But now every Android user can quickly launch Google now in most of the popular App launchers just mention “OK Google Now”. At present it’s working only home screen as well as app drawer.

In order to use this method, your Android phone, tablet should rooted and installed Xposed framework and install the Ok Google for 3rd party launchers modular. Recently, Nova launcher updating with Google now hot-word detection. If you don’t have, you can install Nova Launcher app. This OK Google Xposed module doesn’t have any configurations. Once installed and activate it in Xposed app and rebooted it start working. It needs the Android 4.4 or higher version.

If you are not familiar with the Xposed framework, it’s a powerful  application which can modify, customize your Android device without even modifying the apps. You can find out more information and installation instructions in my previous post here.

OK Google image

How to use OK Google Now Hotword detection with any Application launcher.

Xposed framework installation.

  • Download Xposed framework from the official site in here. After the download, install the apk file. (Navigate to the download folder and tap on the apk file and follow the installation instructions).
  • Open the Xposed framework app and navigate to “framework”. Then tap on “install/update” button.

Xposed Framework screenshot

  • Grant the root permission.
  • When it promotes to reboot the phone/tablet, press “cancel”. Before reboot we need to install another apk file.



Xposed OK Google now modular installation.

  • Next we have to install the OK Google now a module. The easiest way is download the apk file from here. Alternatively, you can download it from the Xposed framework download section.
  • Install the apk file just like you install the normal app. After installation completed, open the Xposed framework and navigate to its “Module” section.
  • Activate the new module by check on its check box.

Activate module

  • Next reboot the phone to apply the changes.


There’s no any configurations, it works out of the box. At present this voice command only works with the English US version. Open the Google search app on your device and change the language as “English US”. Open the “OK Google now for 3rd party activities” app from the app drawer (just like you open normal apps) and check whether your Android device application launcher listed in there. In order to work this Google now hot-wired detection, your device’s app launcher should be listed in this module.

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I don’t have time to test this module with the OEM installed launchers such as HTC Sense, TouchWiz, LG Launcher. According to the developer it’s working.

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