How To Install Android Custom ROM Using CWM Recovery

Installing a custom ROM more easier on Android devices. This is an after market firmware. There is popular ROM such as CyanogenMod, AOKP, Paranoid Android. These firmwares are built by the community. In order to install an aftermarket firmware we need a custom recovery. There are popular versions such as clockworkmod recovery, Team Win Recovery.

In normal words ROM mean Read Only Memory. However in Android Modding world its meaning rather differently. It’s a customized OS. Android is an Open Source, therefore anyone can customize it as he/she wants. That’s why you can see different skins on different devices.

These ROM’s gives better performance.  Because they are free of bloatware and performance optimized. Therefore most of the Android user like to install a customized firmware. They come with its own kernel, applications and sometime we can see unique features. Such as Paranoid Halo. However there is a big drawback, this installation voids the manufacturer and carrier warranty.


  • Installing custom ROM voids the warranty.
  • This is not a risky procedure. Although if you have done any mistake, it can negatively affect your device. Therefore be careful.



  • Root the device.
  • Install a custom recovery.
  • Charge the battery minimum 50%.


How to install custom ROM using CWM Recovery on Android phone, tablet.


Different devices have different methods to boot into the recovery. If you are not sure what is the method, you can use the ROM manager app. Right after the ROM installed don’t install any MOD. Also it’s recommend to install ROM contain kernel.  After the phone boot install other add-ons.

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  • Copy the ROM zip file and other zip files to internal or external SD card.
  • Boot into the recovery.

Reboot system now

  • It’s better to backup the ROM, go to “backup and restore>backup”. Then it will store your current ROM apps with data on your internal SD card. If you need to backup to external SD card select “backup and restore>backup to external sdcard”.

CWM Backup and restore

  • First we need to factory reset. Navigate CWM recovery “wipe data/factory reset>Yes – Wipe all user data”.

CWM Confirm wipe of all user data

  • Second wipe cache. Go to “wipe cache partition>Yes- Wipe Cache”.
  • Now it is time to install the copied zip files. First we need to install the ROM zip file, then install other files.
  • Go to “install zip>choose zip from sdcard”. Then browse the zip file on your internal sdcard. If you copied the zip files to external memory navigate to “install zip>choose zip from external sdcard”.

CWM Install update from zip file

  • Then select “Yes – Install xxxx xxxxx”.

CWM zip install confirm

  • After the ROM installed, you are again in the “Install update from zip file” menu. Then again select “choose zip from sdcard or choose zip from external sdcard” option and install other zip files.
  • After all the files installed go back to the CWM main menu and again wipe the cache partition.
  • Now everything completed, select “reboot system now”. Sometime next you can see “disable recovery flash” select that option.


Congratulation, you have just installed a custom ROM. Normally first boot take less than 2 minutes.

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