How To Find Font From Image With Android, iPhone, PC

You need to find font from image, that you saw on the internet. That’s really simple and easy. When we are surfing the Internet we can see attractive fonts are used on websites or banners. But, there is no direct way to find it. Apart from that, if you want to identify the scanned document fonts it’s more difficult.

Now we have a solution for that issue. We can simply grab a screenshot or photograph of the selected font and easily identify its name. There are several online services which can find fonts from an image. These services support over 200,000 different fonts. Find font on the website some of easy, but a find the font of a document is totally difficult.

For the optimum results, your image should be use characters that have a distinct shape, height of the letters should be above 100 pixels, make sure that letters aren’t touching each other and the text should be as horizontal as possible.

Fonts banner


This is one of the best options to find font from picture. Unlike other services, this one gives a more customizable option to verify the result. This service offers Android and iOS font identifier app. So the user can directly scan the necessary document through the Android or iPhone device.

For optimum results, letters should have over 100 pixels. This online service support PNG, GIF, or JPEG image files up to 2MB file size.


Font Squirrel.

This is one of the easy to use font detection service. They support upload image from your computer or by submitting a direct link to your image. Once we uploaded the image to this website, it allows the user to crop the image.

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Unlike other services, we can select the targeted letters area on the image. So we can expect better results by using that option.


Font Spring.

This is another customizable online service to identify a font from the scanned document. This service offer uploads the image and crops the required letter area for optimum results. Apart from that once it automatically identifies the letters fonts name, it shows similar fonts list to select. This service also supports upload images from your computer or smartphone or remote upload from the URL.

According to their website, this service uses more advance tools.

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