Best Free Wallpaper Shuffle App For Android Muzei

Periodically changing Android wallpapers is a simple and attractive way to customize Android desktop and give a new look. Every time it gives new look. There are lots of free Android wallpaper apps on Google Play store, but most of them are not available change or refresh wallpaper according to the time.

Muzei is a one of the best and totally free free live wallpaper app for Android devices. The name of the app is a Russian word meaning “museum”. This free wallpaper change application developed by the popular dashclock developer  Roman Nurik. This application supports phone and tablets.

Unlike other Live wallpapers (LW) this one is a battery friendly. By default every day it automatically sets popular artworks selected by the Roman Nurik in Apart from that the user can apply images on the device as a wallpaper. If user selected My Photos (images on the device) it support changing the wallpaper in every hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 24 hours or even every 3 days.

This free wallpaper apps for Android can automatically blurs and dims the background. By default it’s enabled, but it can disable too. Muzei let the user to adjust the blurs and dims effects in Advanced settings. With this cool functionality home screen icons and widgets remain prominent in the front and it gives a clear look.

Muzei Android application


  • Available popular artworks and images in gallery.
  • Support JPG, PNG image file formats.
  • Automatically refresh background.
  • Support API and third party extensions.
  • Customize blurs and dim effects.
  • Change some wallpaper in every hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 24 hours or even every 3 days.
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Muzei LW is a great choice. Because this Android wallpaper app is an open source and API support. Therefore, just like the Dashclock, this app also supports extensions. By using that small extension can enhance the Muzei capabilities. For an instance, this app limited the backgrounds for artworks chosen by the app development team, but using an extension user can select various categories backgrounds.

Activating and applying new wallpapers are pretty simple. You can enable application service by opening the app on the app drawer or using the device wallpaper changing option.


Activating Muzei Live Wallpaper.

  • Open the Muzei app using app drawer or Google play. Once you opened the app, it’s initial splash screen like the following.  To begin the process tap on the “Activate” button. Alternatively, you can use your device native wallpaper selecting system. For an instance some devices and launchers (eg:- Nova launcher) tap on the menu key.

Activate Muzei app

  • The next screen you can either choose to set wallpaper or settings options. By default it automatically sets the popular artworks. To start the customization chooses settings.
  • If you have chosen settings, you can select the wallpaper source. There you can see “Featured art”, “My Photos” and/or available installed Muzei extensions.

Select a Wallpaper Source

  • Once selected the source, you will be automatically go to the initial “Settings” and “Set Wallpaper” screen. Tap on the “Set Wallpaper” to activate the service.


Adjust, Blur & Dim Options

This free wallpaper app, blur and dim effect can customize in the app “Advanced settings”. Again navigate to Muzei select source screen. In the upper left corner you can see a drop down menu, select its “Advanced” option. Then adjust the blur and dim effect. These customizations are applied globally.

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Muzei advanced settings

Activating extensions.

Once you have installed the Muzei extensions, it will available in the “Choose source” menu. In there you can select and customize the extensions.


Muzei Live Wallpaper
Muzei Live Wallpaper

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