Setup Free VPN to Access Office Files Remotely, Download Torrent

VPN also called Virtual Private Network. This network gives higher level of protection. If you need to access the remote desktop VPN also a must. A VPN provides an end to end encrypted connection via the Internet between a remote computer and your PC.

This type of end to end encrypted connection, your ISP can’t see your activity. Your internet activity remains anonymous.

When you need to unblock a website or access a website with protecting your privacy, the virtual private network is the best solution. Apart from that, by using a VPN you can download torrent without ISP throttle bandwidth.

If you are an SME business owner, purchasing a VPN connection for every employee is very expensive. However, we can build our own private virtual network just a little USD 2.50 (for a month).

Outline is a free software which is available for Windows, macOS and Linux computer operating systems as well as Android, IOS mobile operating systems.

Outline VPN logo

Purchase server.

We have to create a VPS (virtual private server) for installing outline server-side application.

If you selected the closest server, you can get a higher speed.



This Free VPN set-up required two Outline developed application.

Outline Manager – This app manages outline server connections. Need to install only a single computer to control users.
Outline VPN client – This is the VPN application. It needs to install on your computer, smartphone to establish a VPN connection.


How to Setup Outline Free VPN.

  • Install Outline Manager application download in here or in here.
  • Outline Manager application shows the following type command in its main window. Copy and paste that command line to install Outline on your VPS (virtual private server).
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installation command

  • This installation requires docker, If your server not available, it will request to install it, like the following screenshot. Type “Y” to continue the installation.

Outline Install on VPS

  • Once the installation has completed, it will show the following type of screen. Now copy the highlighted command.

Outline installation complete

  • Paste the above step copied line on your computer outline manager “Paste your installation output here” cage, which is shown in the following screenshot. Keep this copied phrase secret.

Outline manager setup

  • Now, almost completed. Next, we have to set up each user for this VPS.




Create keys, share access.


  • Download Outline VPN client app in here (Windows in here | Linux in here ) Android and Apple iOS user can use below links.
Price: Free
‎Outline App
‎Outline App
Price: Free


  • Open Outline Manager application on your computer.
  • Click on the “Add New Key” button. Then it generates a new unique key. Paste this key on your Outline App.

Outline free VPN Manager key

  • You will receive the following type access key. Paste it in your outline VPN client app, which you downloaded earlier.

Outline Access key

  • Now everything is set up. You can browse the internet anonymously.


If you have any issue just drop an email to Send Email

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