Loopr Free Android Recent App Switcher With Gesture

Multitasking is one of the useful feature in Android. Using this functionality we can open recently used apps without using the app drawer. By default we have to press and hold the menu,  home or even an app switcher button to view the native Android tasks. If you are boring with the existing method, now we can use gesture based Android task switcher. This is one of the useful feature when we are running full screen apps such as games.

The loopr is a one of the best and free Android tasks switcher. In another word, this is a faster and easier way to view the recent open apps. Unlike the native method, we can customize its behavior and appearance. This app shows the background running processes and apps with their icon and easily switch between them. It makes much faster switching between different recent apps on your Android phone, tablet.

Loopr work top of the other apps. It shows a popup menu at the top of the launcher as well as current open app. Its popup menu background fully transparent. Therefore it we can clear view the current open app. The user can access this popup menu by swiping the pre-defined trigger area all the way to the left or right of your screen.  By default it’s trigger zones are in the centre of the left and right of the screen. But we can customize that action area.

To view app info or open the selected app, swipe without lifting the finger to the selected app icon. If the user swipe and hold on the available app icon, then it displays little information about that application. If the user swipe and lifted the finger at the top of the selected recent app icon, then that app will open. Premium users can enable the live preview of the app.

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Loopr Recent Apps view

This Android recent app switcher display maximum five open apps. To view more apps user has to swipe and hold the finger without lifting to the plus button on the top of the popup menu and again swipe to the down or center of the menu.  Then it shows another 5 applications. Every time, once the app selected, it displays a small ring around the application icon.

Unlike the recent app menu on Android system, this Android multitasking app allows customizing the trigger area and its behavior. User can customize the active zone in its settings. First it’s better select a convenient as well as frequently not use the place.  Then in the “Edit trigger” we can customize the trigger zone and sensitivity level. If you are using another gestures based app, it’s better use separated zones for each of the applications.

Looper settings menu

User can personalize its appearance in several ways. Customize the selected app ring as well as app info text colours using colour style. In addition, choose four different activities transition effects.

Another major customization of the Android multitasking gesture app is it let the user to customize the application icon. It supports major icon packs on the Google Play store. Such as Stark, Click UI. By default it uses the stock icons, even if you applied a custom icon for the launcher.  In its live preview function, user can view the run time preview of the selected apps at a glance. However icon pack, live preview and open effects functions are limited to the premium version. If the user interests to enable those fancy features, can enable them by using in-app purchase.

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Demo of the live preview

Unlike the native recent apps function, this gesture based recent apps doesn’t allow the user to close/remove app from the list. It’s one of the downsides of the app. In addition to that, it doesn’t deactivate the trigger areas when the phone, tablet in the landscape mode. As a result of that, when we are playing games accidentally open the recent apps or apps menu. However theses things are not a big issues and developers can add those features very soon. Apart from that if it displays current RAM usage it’s more useful.


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