Fix Windows Could Not Complete The Install Because An Update Service Was Shutting Down

Windows update gives performance enhancements and security fixes. Keeping up to date Windows the computer is recommended by Microsoft.

While updating Windows 10, you may encounter, “We Could Not complete the install because an update service was shutting down”. As a result, you may not able to install the latest Windows 10 updates.

The main reason for this issue is, Windows update service crashed or was disabled. There may be more reasons to crash or disable that service, but with a simple step, we can run this service. The simplest solution for this issue is to restart the “Windows Update Service”.

Windows update service was shutting down


Potential reasons for Update Service Was Shutting Down.

  • The system tries to try to shut down ideal services.
  • Incorrect time and date.
  • Corrupted program.
  • Security software interrupts the Windows update service.


How to Fix Windows update service was shutting down.

To fix the “We could not complete the installation because an update service was shutting down.” error, first, we have to check the Windows update service run properly.


Method 01.

  • Type “services” on the Windows search box.

Run Windows Service


  • Now Windows service will open. Scroll to the bottom until you see the “Windows Update”.

Windows Update Service stopped


  • Double click on that service. Then it will open the “Properties” window.

Windows Update Properties


  • In properties windows, under the “General” tab “Startup Type” should be “Automatic”.
  • Check “Service status”, if it’s “Stopped” click on the “Start” button.
  • Finally, click on the “Apply” and “OK” buttons.
  • Then navigate to Windows “Update & Security” and again check for updates.
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Now, the update service was shutting down an issue should fix, if it does not work for you, restart the laptop, desktop, or tablet. If none of the above methods, you have to “Reset” the PC. If you experience this issue regularly, most of the time your PC installed application (like optimization applications) disable the Windows Update service.


Method two.

With this method first, we stop Windows updates and its supporting service. Then rename the Windows update saved folder.

  • Type “command prompt” in the Windows search box and click on “Run as Administrator” to open the application.

  • Now we have stopped the Windows update and its related service. Next, we have to rename the default Windows update saving folder.
  • Run the following command in the Windows “Command prompt” separately and press the enter key each time.

  • Finally, start the services by typing the following command lines in the Windows “command prompt” window and hit the enter key. Each command line has to run separately.

Now restart the Windows PC or laptop.

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