How To Fix USB Flash Drive Not Showing In Windows

Sometime after plugged the USB flash drives, portable hard disk or whatever device to the computer, we can’t see that new device listed in the computer widow (older OS in My Computer window). Although, Windows operating system detects the USB device and display it in the device manager window.

This is a Windows configuration related issue and can easily fix it. In order to fix this matter, we have to use the Administrator account. The main reason for this matter is two devices (DVD ROM or whatever device) use the same drive letter or new USB pen drive use existing partition letter.

It can happen after we changed the driver letters order or if we deleted or merge a hard disk partition. Therefore, windows can’t properly display the device. After we modify the drive letter, Windows again properly displays the USB device.

USB devices

How to fix USB devices not show in computer.

Click Start, click Run, type “compmgmt.msc” without quotes, and then click OK. It will open the computer management window.

Run Window

Under the storage, click Disk Management. Then it will load the right side of the window. If your computer Windows OS installed as a UIEF, then it will show hidden recovery and EFI partitions.

On this disk management window, you can see some drives including the portable drive. Right click on your portable drive and click change drive letter and paths.

Change Driver Letter


Now an assign a new drive letter which is not being used by any of your drives in My Computer. It’s better select the after the “C” letter and make your drives letter according to the alphabetical order. If you choose the letter other than the alphabetical order you can experience this issue in future.

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Assing a drive letter

After assigning the new drive letter your portable drive will show up in my computer with other drives.


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