Fix Unfortunately the Has Stopped Easily

After we installed the new ROM or update the firmware or after make modification or restore data sometime we can see “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error message. This is on the phone or the SIM toolkit application issue. There are several ways to fix this issue. In some situation you can’t even unlock the screen, once its boot-up again it soft reboot.

Easiest way performs a factory reset, however it’s not an optimum solution. After making a factory reset, we lost all the data and we have to again install all the necessary apps. Therefore in this post I’m going to show you how to easily fix this issue. This issue cause the phone.apk or SIM toolkit application(s).

In this post I’m going mainly to show two different methods to solve this Unfortunately the process com. has stopped” issue. The first method is easier. If  you can’t even unlock the phone and continuously giving this error message and automatically reboot, it’s better follow the second method. It’s more advanced and need the custom recovery and an AROMA file manager. However you don’t need to follow these two methods. You can follow either one method.


Phone stopped error

How to fix Unfortunately the process has stopped” error.


Fix using settings.

  • Go to the phone’s or tablet “Settings>Apps”.
  • Then navigate to “All” tab.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Phone” or something similar.
  • Then tap on that app icon to go to the app info.
  • Next tap on the “Clear data” button.
  • Do the same thing for SIM toolkit.
  • Reboot the phone.
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Fix using custom recovery.

  • Download the latest AROMA file manager in here (XDA).
  • Copy the download zip file to the SD or internal memory card.
  •  Boot into the recovery.
  • Once the phone in the custom recovery, navigate to “install zip>Choose zip form
  • Browse the AROMA file manager zip file.
  • Then navigate to “Yes – Install”.
  • Then you can see the AROMA file manager.
  • Go to file manager settings by tapping “Menu” option. Next tap “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to the bottom until you see the “Mount config”. Check its “Automount all devices on start” option.
  • Apply changes by selecting “Done”.
  • Navigate to “data/data” folder.
  • In there delete “phone” folders contain “Cache” sub folders. Do the same thing for SIM toolkit app.
  • Again tap on the AROMA file manager “Menu>Exit”. Then choose “Yes”.
  • Now again you are in “Install updates from zip file” Window. Go back to the recovery main menu and reboot the phone.


If you still get that error message, now you have to factory reset your device. It’s better reset it via a custom recovery. Custom recovery based factory reset will not wipe the internal memory, it only wipes the application data.

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