Fix Google Play Store Web Not Showing Android Phone Tablet

Some situation when we try to remotely download apps from Google play web version, it doesn’t show our Android phone and tablet. There can be many reasons for this issue. But these are some command reasons for Google Play not sowing Android phone, tablet. After flash new custom ROM, Gapps or sometimes after wiping service framework data and cache we can see this issue.

In this situation, if you go to your Google account dashboard, we can see that device continuously connected and active sync with the Google server. Apart from that, we can access, purchase and even install apps using Android device Play store application. This is not a serious issue, although it’s more continent , if we can remotely download apps from web version. Like other issues and errors, this is probably a Google Play store app related issue. In my situation, I followed this method and it work.

Most of the cases after performing a factory reset, this issue fix. However it’s useless, we lost all the user apps with data. But this method can use all the user without any issue.  It will not wipe anything except Play store app data.

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I have tested this tutorial on my CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM installed Galaxy S3 and it works for me.

How to fix Google Play Store Web Not Showing Android Phone Tablet.


  • Go to your phone or tablet “Settings>App”, if you are on older version of Android navigating to “Settings>Application”.
  • Next tap on the “All” tab. In there you can see all the installed applications and they sort according to name order.
  • Scroll down until you see “Google Play Store”.
  • Tap on that application.
  • Next tap on the “Clear cache”.
  • Then tap on the “Clear data”. Next it will slow “Delete app data?” message. Choose it “Yes” option.
  • Within few seconds it will delete Play Store application data.
  • Don’t wipe data or cache “Google Services Framework” app.
  • Now we have to reboot the phone.
  • Once phone, tablet booted up, enable data or WiFi connection and open the Play Store app and  “Accept”  for terms of service.
  • Download any app using your device to sync your it with Google Play Store server. (enable auto sync will not do it)
  • Then go to the Google dashboard and check your device listed under “Android” heading.
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It will take several minutes to re-appear your device in the Play store web page. In my situation my Galaxy S3 appeared within 5 minutes. If it’s not been shown, try to download apps and wait. If not repeat these steps again. If none of this method works, you have to go for factory reset or ROM re-installation or contact the Google support team using this link.

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