Fix This Page isn’t eligible to have a username error On Facebook

Facebook is not allowed to use a custom user name for the newly created page and shows a “This Page isn’t eligible to have a username” error. We can quickly fix this personalized URL change error. A unique custom user name makes it more memorable to the user, and it gives a clean Facebook page URL. Moreover, if you create that page for your website or blog, you can use the same site name for your FB page.

When you are selecting a personalized FB page URL, there are a few requirements. Although, if you use no one’s claimed name, you get this error. When I’m writing this guide, Facebook does not give any direct solution or reasons for this new change. Sometimes it may be a lack of page likes or stop spam duplicate pages.

This Page isn't eligible to have a username error
FB Username isn’t available warning.

Before we go to the second option, make sure that the custom name meets the following requirements.

  • Custom Name not used by anyone else on FB (even personal accounts).
  • Minimum 25 page likes. (a compulsory requirement for use custom user name)
  • Can use one name for your blog. Multiple names are not allowed.
  • Can use contain only alphanumeric characters (A–Z, 0–9) and periods (“.”).
  • Name at least 5 characters long not more than 15.
  • The user name shouldn’t impersonate someone else.
  • Must adhere to the Facebook Terms.

How To Fix Facebook This Page isn’t eligible to have a username error.

At this moment we can easily fix this FB Username isn’t available warning by adding another page admin. Yes, it sounds silly, but I manage to correct my new FB page error.

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Add a new Facebook page Administrator.

  • Login to your page and navigate to its setting page.
  • Under the Page Settings, scroll down to “Page Rolles” settings and click on it.

FB Page Roles change

  • Then Under the page roles page, you can see existing users. Now you have to add a new Admin user to your page. You can keep him/her on a temporary basis. Once you change the user name you can remove him/her. Always add a trusted person to your page, otherwise, you may end up with many issues.

Add new Admin to FB page

  • Underneath the “Assign a new Page role” type the new Administrator name or email address. Next, you can see that left side dropdown menu. Select its “Administrator”.
  • Finally, click on the “Add” button to apply the changes.

Now the new Administrator receives this page request as a notification and he/she has to accept the invitation to proceed to the next step.


How to change the Facebook page user name.

Once the new Admin accepted the invitation he has access to your page.

Then go to your page settings and click on “Page Info”.

Page Info Settings

On the “Page Info” page you can see the “Username” cage. Type a suitable name for your page. This will become part of your page URL. For instance, the Digital Reborn page URL is

Change FB page User name

Facebook’s new interface, automatically saves the setting changes. There’s no “Save” button. Now you have successfully corrected FB “This Page isn’t eligible to have a username” issue.

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