How To Find WIFI Password On Android Easily

After we purchased a new phone we have to enter all the network credentials. We can’t keep remembering all the WiFi password. There’s no native way to find a WiFi password on Android. Or if you need to view another persons’ device saved network details. But there’s no option to see wifi password on an android phone/tablet. Getting the saved network credentials from the devices easier and simple.

Some devices especially Xiaomi and Huawei support share the password via QR code, but if your device doesn’t have such an option still you can do it. This method needs a rooted Android device; like you need  “Administrator” permission to recover forgot network password windows computer

In this post, I’m gonna show you two ways. You can follow either one method. The first method lot easier, you have to install a free WiFi password recovery app. In this second method, I’m going to view the WiFi password store file. For these methods, we need root access.

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How To View WiFi Password On Android.

Using Free App.

Before we use the app, you have to know what is SSID means. It’s the WiFi network name which you can see on your device. Each network has its own SSID. I recommend using this method because it is more clear and simple. If you are a bigger this method for you.  This app work on any device to find WIFI password on Android device including phone and tablet.

  • First, download the WiFi password viewer app in here.
  • Once the app downloaded, install it by a tap on the APK it.
  • The very first time when you open the app it requests root access.
  • Then it will show all the saved WiFi network SSID names and its password.
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View System Data file.

To use this method you should have intermediate knowledge about the Android system. In this tutorial, we are going to access the Android system file call “wpa_supplicant.conf”. In case if you deleted or modified that file, you will lose all the WiFi password details on your device.

This method can use via root enabled file manager app or by using ADB command. The app-based method is a little bit easier, if you wish to use ADB command method, you have to use a computer.


Method One.

  • Open the root enabled file manager app.
  • Different Android versions and different manufacture store the WiFi credentials in different folders. Navigate to one of the following directories and find the relevant file.
  • Copy that file and paste it into your internal memory. Normally Internal memory location “/sdcard/” directory or “/storage/emulated/”.
  • Now open that file to get the wifi password from your device.
  • There you can see all the saved SSID names and its relevant password.


Method Two.

As I mentioned earlier, you have to familiar with the Android ADB command. First, you have to download the ADB files to your computer. No worries, I’ll provide all of the things you need.

  • Download the ADB files zip in here.
  • Install the downloaded ADB drivers by double click on the file.
  • After driver installation success, open the “Command Prompt” application on your computer.
  • Type ” cd C:\Program Files (x86)\ClockworkMod\Universal Adb Driver\” on command prompt.
  • Different Android versions and manufacture save WiFi passwords in different locations. Bellow is a common directory. Use this location to run the next step command line.
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  • Then type the following command line in it.

adb pull <wifi file location> C:\Users\<PC user name>\Desktop\wpa_supplicant.conf

  • Now you can see the WiFi credentials file on your desktop.
  • Open the file using “Note Pad” and find your required credentials.

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