Enable YouTube Floating Popup Window Android with Background Playback

Youtube floating window android app gives extra-level features that do not have the official YouTube app has. With a floating window, we can watch the YouTube video while using other apps (Picture-In-Picture). Moreover, it is useful if the app can run background as a music player. The Official application is not available as such a feature. These features are enabled by the modified YouTube app. This app is called YouTube Vanced.

This application has the same user interface and features that we can find in the official app, apart from that, it has Ads blocking, Background video playback, swipe control for volume and brightness, set the preferred video quality for WiFi and Mobile data, automatic captions and much more.

There are mainly two types of versions of the application. Non-root users can install the app like a regular APK file, if you have a rooted Android device you can install it as a system app. There are no features difference between these versions.
YouTube Vanced

Install YouTube Vanced App.

Now YouTube Vanced app installation is pretty simple. With just a few clicks we can install the floating youtube app on any Android device.

All you need to do is install the official Vanced manager app on your device. Now, this app can install non-rooted and rooted devices in just simple steps.

  • Go to the YouTube vanced site and download and install the Vanced Manager APK [download it here].
  • The APK save in the “download” folder. Using a file manager app, navigate to the download folder and tap on the “manager.apk“.
  • If you are installing apk file the first time you have to allow “install apk from unknown source”.
  • Once the app is installed, open it like a regular app.
  • The app’s main screen shows three different apps. They are “YouTube Vanced”, “YouTube Music Vanced”, “Vanced microG”.
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Floating YouTube app manager
YouTube Vanced manager main screen
  • First, install the “Vanced microG” app by tapping on the “Down” arrow icon.
  • Just like the microG app install the “YouTube Vanced” app.


How to Enable Youtube Floating Window Android Phone and Tablet.

By default, it enabled floating video player, Ads blocking, background playback. In its settings, you can enable or disable other extra features as per your requirement. If you have any issue with the youtube popup player, make sure that the following settings are enabled. If it enables toggle the settings.

  • Open the YouTube Vanced App.
  • Go to YouTube app Settings.
  • Under the “General Settings” make sure that, “Picture-in-picture” feature is enabled.
  • Then check background playback enabled.


How to Enable Disable YouTube background Playback.

  • Open YouTube Vanced app.
  • Navigate to “Background and downloads“.
  • Tap on “Playback” and change the settings as you want.
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