Download Torrent File Without Torrent Clients Online

Download torrent files without a torrent client is an easier. In this method once the file (files) downloaded, the user doesn’t need to seed. If you are careful about the security and your privacy, this is a good method. Apart from that, if your ISP throttling your connection this is a good option. In another way, if you have to download a slow download speed torrent, this is a good method.

Basically, in an online bit torrent client, when the user submits a torrent file (. Torrent) direct link or magnet URL, it captures the file (files) and start the download. Once it’s completed, all the files are saved on the server and let the user to download or stream (audio, video) them.

Zbigz, Boxopus are popular and free services. Both of these sites let the user to anonymously download, torrents without clients. User doesn’t make any configurations. Once created a new account or logged in to the existing account can start download.

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Zbigz is a one of the popular and featured rich online bit torrent client. When the user provides the torrent file or magnet URL, Zbigz start the download files to their server and give you a direct link. It provides a wide verity of features. Some of them are encrypted SSL (HTTPS) connections for protecting the user privacy. Streaming audio and video. With that streaming functionality user can play/watch audio and video files without even downloading your computer. At this moment it doesn’t restrict the file size, but only store files maximum 7 days.

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Boxopus is another online bit torrent client. It also provides a free service as well as paid services. Free user can download maximum 1GB files, but the premium user can extend to 7.5GB. Moreover, its download link speed is 20MB/h. With video and audio streaming feature, it lets the user to watch and listen them real time. Once download completes it send an email.

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In my situation, I can download slow torrents faster with this method. However, the main drawback of this online bit torrent client is they are not seeding. In another way, this is a leaching method. As a result of that, other user can’t download that files.

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