Best Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement Free | Like Windows 7

Windows 8 is a one of the attractive OS. Now we can easily change Windows 8 start menu to older Windows7 style. It mainly developed for touch enabled devices. Although we can use it non-touch PC’s without any issue. As a result of that, you can’t see a classic start menu. If your computer doesn’t have a touch screen, then it’s hard to find applications.

In Windows 8 you after right click on the metro screen, you can see all the installed applications. This post I’m going to introduce IObit start menu. This is one of the best Windows 8 start menu replacement software. It’s totally free application. Once you have installed this program, after PC booted up, it will skip the Metro welcome screen and directly show the desktop. Just like the Windows7 . However it gives Windows 8 metro look.

This Windows 8 start menu program application has more than 20 different start menu icons. Apart from that this free application shows useful menus such as Music, Document, Pictures as a menu or a link in the start menu. Just like the classic start menu on Windows7, we can customize a number of programs to display and highlighted newly apps. In addition to these features, users can apply different language. Apart from these regular features, after the user closes the application, it doesn’t show the metro screen, instead of that user can see the desktop.

Windows 8 start menu

Windows 8 start menu features.

  • Run at Windows startup.
  • Apply Windows 7 or 8 style skin.
  • Customize power button action.
  • Automatically add frequently used programs.
  • Customize font.
  • Search programs and files.
  • Skip Metro screen.
  • Deactivate metro hot corners.
  • Deactivate metro sidebar.
  • Deactivate hot-keys when full-screen.
  • Left click to open metro.
  • Press Windows key to open Metro.
  • More than 20 different start buttons.
  • Add useful folders and menus as a link or menu.
  • Apply more than 10 languages.
  • Customize number of programs to display.
  • Highlight newly installed programs.
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Download IObit start menu8 in here.

With this Start Menu 8, users can apply picture to account. Using the metro app link, users can access all the pre-installed system programs. In order to access the metro screen, the user has to press the  “Windows key” on the keyboard.

Unlike other similar 3rd party alternative programs, this one allows user to apply custom button. In order to use a customize button, you should have three 54×54 size pictures with  xxx_normal.png, xxx_hover.png, and xxx_click.png names (xxx is the unique name of the image). However it’s not needed for most of the people, this program gives a wide variety of icons.

Once the Start menu 8 installed we can use it with the default configuration. Using its settings, user can customize its appearance and add or remove menu.

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