Best Free Android Document Scanner App With OCR

Scanning documents with an Android phone and tablet are more easier. With this method, we can create a document digitized image or PDF within a few seconds and share it with friends, colleagues.

CamScanner phone PDF creator is one of the best Android document scanner app on the Google Play Store. It’s not just take a photo of your documents. It automatically crops, scan and optimize the image to get the actual view of the docs as it’s without the user assistance. Moreover, it has the OCR (Optical character recognition) capability. With this function, the user can search the captured images contain words within few seconds.

This application can make digital documents mainly in two ways. Using your device camera or image on your device’s gallery. Unlike the Google Drive document scanning feature, this one has a few extra features and it gives better quality.

CamScanner phone PDF creator app

Some of the features are unique,

  • Automatically identify the document.
  • Automatically crop (but user can adjust) images.
  • Quickly digitize document.
  • Optimize scan quality.
  • Extract texts from image.
  • OCR (optical character recognition).
  • Save on the free cloud (, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox).
  • Share PDF/JPEG Files.
  • AirPrint & Fax documents.
  • Collaborate on documents.
  • Advanced document editing.
  • Quick search.
  • Secure important documents.
  • Sync across platforms.
  • Encrypting.
  • Manually adjust the contrast, brightness, details.


Unlike other Android free mobile document scanner app on the Google play store, this one doesn’t add any watermarks to your processed images, even though it adds “Generated by CamScanner” watermark to PDF files. Also, it shows ads on your device and limit the Evernote/SkyDrive Uploading to 7 days. In order to unlock that feature, you have to purchase the premium license.

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It has a build-in Faxing facility, but it’s not a free. You have to pay for each fax that you are sending via Google Play in-app purchasing system.

The quality of the processed image or PDF depends on your Android device camera too.

To capture the document, first tap on the app “Camera” icon or tap on the gallery icon in the CamScanner. Then center the page in the frame tap the camera icon to capture the doc. In the CamScanner camera settings, you can enable “Grid” for enhancing the image capturing procedure.

Start the doc capturing

Once you have approved the image it automatically identifies the document margins to crop it. If it fails to correctly identify the document, you can manually adjust it.

Crop the captured image

Next, adjust the lightening as you want.

Captured image color fix

Now you can set tags, recognize the characters in the image, rename, export as a PDF, share, comment, fax it, encrypt with password with this free document scanner app.



In order to unlock some of the features, you have to purchase the premium license from the Google Play store.

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