Best Free Android Mail Apps K-9 | Configure IMAP, POP Exchange Server

K-9 mail app is one of the best Android email client. It’s a totally free application, also it’s not displaying ads on your device. This is one of the top rated app on the Google play. Unlike the stock mail app, this one has lots of customizations options with lots of cool features.

K-9 support IMAP, POP and exchange server with WebDAV. It mainly comes with white and black themes with more than 10 language support. User can adjust the K-9 mail application font size and apply different colors for each account. By default this application download only 25 emails per each account. However user can adjust that limit up-to all mails.

If you configure IMAP settings on your Android mail client app, if deleted mails on the email client app it also deleted the server mail. However using this K-9 application we can keep deleted messages on the server even if they are deleted locally. The user can apply custom LED color for new notifications. Apart from that it supports enable and disable the LED blink.

K-9 mail app interface screenshots

K-9 mail apps features.

  • Support IMAP, POP, Exchange server with WebDAV.
  • Save message to SD card.
  • Push notifications.
  • Search emails across multiple account,
  • multi-folder and multi account sync.
  • Flagging messages.
  • Filing.
  • Support custom signatures.
  • Add BCC-self, Cc.
  • Request read request.
  • Custom LED notification

User can compose HTML code contains messages using its colorful compose message window. Every mail it automatically adds a signature. User can customize that signature as he/she want. Every time when sending mails it quotes the old email body (text) and it gives different customizations options. For an instance apply Gmail reply quoting style or outlook. By default this mail apps not enable the CC and BCC options, these options can enable in its settings.

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K-9 mail app settings

Unlike other Android email apps, K-9 shows mail server folders and download them to your phone or tablet. Apart from that it gives universal search options. Which means when the user search mails it looks Inbox as well as folders on your email account. However server search option disabled by the default. The user can enable it by navigating “Account settings>Search”.

This application can automatically sync mails. Moreover it can poll the folders at a scheduled time intervals. If the user wish to check new mails using your Android auto sync ON and OFF status, K-9 support it.

Apart from the above mentioned major features, this one has read receipt request. Using this option, the sender can verify the receiver of the mail read that mail or not. However in most of the cases the reader should approve the request. We can’t find this option in other mail Apps.


K-9 Mail
K-9 Mail
Developer: K-9 Dog Walkers
Price: Free
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