How To Automatic Sync Android Phone With Google Account

Google allows every user to auto sync Android phones, tablets some contents with the Google account. It lets sync contacts, apps, calendar and many more. If you are new to the Android world, you may not probably aware of this Android sync manager feature. Although if you are logged-in to the Google account using the welcome setup, it automatically enables it. By default this method only protects your device’s sensitive data.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to enable and disable this automatic sync. Using this feature, user can upload all the contact information, installed app’s details, calendar, web browser data, gallery photos (to Picasa), some apps data and even your device’s settings and wallpapers. In some situation, there’s a drawback, if you enable Google photos sync, it will download your Picasa albums to your device. Yes, user can disable it. If the user installed or uses other Google’s services such as Gmail, Keep notes etc, this service can sync them too. If it make more sure, there is a big drawback. After enabling automatic sync, it prevents your device deep sleeping. In another work, this may use little bit battery power.

In order to save the battery usage, we can disable this feature when it’s not necessary. There are several ways to do it. Use an automatic apps such as Tasker, Locale, AutomateIt or any other app. Apart from that, there are several apps on the Google Play store to enable and disable Android automatic sync.

How to Auto Sync Android phone tablet with Google account.

  • Go to your device Settings.
  • Enable the Data or WiFi connection.
  • Go to “Backup & reset.
  • Check “Back up my Data” option.
  • Secondly choose the desire backup account
  • Third check Automatic restore option.
  • Then scroll down until you see the Accounts.
  • Tap the + Add account.
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Android phone settings

  • Next tap on the “Google” .

Select Google account

  • In the setup wizard, you can log-in to your existing account or create a new Google account. You can choose either one option.


Using existing account.

  • If there’s a multiple accounts, tap the account that you want.
  • Next tap all the available sync options.
  • Wait for a few minutes. Now you can see the synchronization progress.


Creating a new account.

  • Type your first and second names.
  • The type a suitable email address.

Choose user name for account

  • Next type a strong password with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters such as @$%.
  • Next type a recovery information. In here submit security question and a secondary email as a recovery option.
  • If you wish to join Google+ you can select it in here.
  • Next complete the registration by tapping finish arrow icon.
  • Now it request a human verification. Type the reChapta code.
  • Submit credit card information.
  • Finally select available sync options.sucessfully log-in
  • Finally tap Finish button.
  • Congrats, you have just enabled auto sync.

If you use stock Android (Nexus device) you can’t toggle auto sync (on/off). However AOSP based custom ROM’s such as CyanogenMod, AOKP as well as some OEM modded ROM’s (Samsung) such as Samsung devices, have an option to enable and disable this feature. This method will not sync your SMS, call logs and game data. In order to back up them, you have to use the backup apps application.

User can check the latest synchronization progress on the Google account dashboard. It shows lastly uploaded item name, date and its size. For an instance wallpaper uploaded, Android System Settings. Apart from that, the user can check the contacts by log-in into the Gmail account>Contacts. It shows under My contacts>Android Phone or Tablet.

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After factory reset, install a new custom ROM or even switch to another device, last auto sync items will be automatically restore. In order to synchronize multiple device, all the devices should link to a same Google account.

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