How To Install WordPress Using Fantastico Installer On Cpanel

There are several methods to install WordPress on cPanel account. Using an FTP client, fantastico installer, simple script is popular methods. In this tutorial I’m going to cover fantastico installer based easy WordPress installation guide. The Major advantage of use automate method is it remotely download the file to your hosting account. This whole process takes less than 2 minutes.

However if you need to install WordPress manually, then you have to go for FTP client based method. It’s time mainly depend on your upload speed. Because you have to upload the required zip file to your cPanel account disk. In order to use Fantastico de Luxe WordPress installation services software, it should available on your account. Some of the shared hosting companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost, Godaddy and manage VPS providers provide it. If it’s available, you can see it under the “Software/Services” category. With simple 5 clicks you can complete the WordPress install.

At this moment, this WordPress auto installer can’t rename the database name, however using this tutorial you can easily rename database name and user. Apart from that it doesn’t allow to use a custom table prefix name. They are the only drawback of this system. Creating additional files in the public_html folder is not a big issue. If you don’t need them you can delete them using file manager.

Wordpress logo image

Install WordPress using Fantastico Auto Installer.


  • Log-in to your cPanel account using your log-in credentials.
  • Navigate to the “Software/Services” section.
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cPanel fantastico icon

  • If your hosting plan offers fantastico de luxe WordPress auto installer, it shows in there.
  • Click on its link.
  • Now you can see the “fantastico home page”.
  • Under its blog category click “WordPress” like, just like the following screenshot.

select wordpress

  • Next you can see the following screenshot type page. Click its “New install” link.

Fantastisco new install

  • Then you will redirect to another new page. This is an important step. On this page you have to submit installation location, user name and password for your site admin and contact information.
    • Under the location, if you don’t need to install WordPress on a sub folder, leave a blank for “install a directory”.  If you submit a name in that directory field, your site home page and post the pages URL looks like this “http://yourdomain/directory name“.
    • Under the Admin access data, submit a strong user name and password. In here, don’t use “Admin” or similar name, when you create a password use special characters such as @$%& with numbers and letters.
    • Under the basic configuration, submit an email address and site name. This email use for sending your site/blog login details and future reset password, etc purposes.

    site admin configuration

  • To begin the auto install, click on the “Install WordPress” button.
  • Next you can see the confirmation message. Click its “finish installation” button.

Installation confirmation message

  • Then you can see the your new site login credentials with admin area link. Using this information you can access your site as an administrator.

site admin login infomation

  • As I mentioned earlier, this method sometime uses older version WP. Therefore after log-in to your site make a database backup and update the WordPress.


Video tutorial.

This is a very simple WordPress automatic install method. However it will use the default database name. So after the installation completed, for the security purposes it’s better rename the MySQL database name. You can follow my this WordPress database rename tutorial for that.

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