Auto Backup Android Photos, Video To PC Without Internet

The Bittorrent Sync app is a free multi platform software that sync files and folders across multiple devices with or without an internet connection. This small app available desktop, mobile and server based Android, Windows, Linux and iOS operating systems. It’s similar to the cloud based synchronising apps such as Dropbox, Copy, iCloud, Gdrive.

With this tiny app, we can backup Android photos to a computer with wire or wireless network. If your devices are connected to a same network, such as all the Bittorrent sync app installed devices connected to a home WiFi, it use a local area network (LAN or WAN). Although, if the Bittorrent sync app installed devices are connected to different networks (Home WiFi and Office WiFi) it uses internet connection for the synchronization. But it’s disabled by default.

Apart from that it can sync Android phone, tablet internal and external files and folders across other Android phones, tablets or PC. For an instance we can sync music files across multiple devices.

Bittorrent logo


Setup Folder Sync.

First, we have to install the client software on target devices. In order to backup Android device photos to a PC, install it on your mobile and computer. Get it in here.

Then we have to configure the Android client. It already has a backup camera option. Enable that option by sliding the toggle button to right. Once it’s activated it looks like following screenshot.

Bittorrent sync app main

Once it’s enabled, next you can see email or copy “Sync Key” option. Grab the key. You will receive “Read only” key, which means it fully synced files, but any changes made (delete or edited ) will not be synced to other devices. Camera sync option always read only (one way sync). So any changes on the PC paired folder files, will not affect the Android device.

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Run the PC (either Windows, Linux or Mac) installed bittorrent client. Click its top wrench icon to add the key. Click “Enter key” option and paste the copied Sync key (in this situation, you will receive a URL, paste in there).

Add Sync key

Next “Connect to folder” step, choose the targeted folder in your computer.  After Bittorrent sync app configuration completed, it will automatically start the sync.

Connect to a folder

Once it’s start the sync, we can see the progress in client app with data transfer speed.

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