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Advanced Download Manager is one of the powerful and best download manager android app. There are popular web browsers out there. But none of these web browsers doesn’t have a native download accelerator and pauses feature. As a result of that when you’re downloading large files your it can interrupt.

Advanced Download Manager (ADM) app can accelerate downloads by using multi-threading up to 9 parts, pause after errors and much more essential features. In addition to that, this free download manager app can automate downloads. For instance, auto-detect link from the clipboard, auto-request file information, use only WiFi.

ADM has a build-in web browser with. If the download link isn’t a direct link (especially one-click file-hosting sites eg: – 4Shared), then this free app automatically opens its build-in web browser to get the fresh link.

Moreover, it can categorize files according to the file type. For instance, archives in one folder, programs in one Video in another and Music files in another folder. The user can customize this categorization in cataloguing settings. This feature gives a better organization. If the user needs to save the file in different places, ADM let the user save files in custom locations. To do that when you see the ADM editor choose the custom location by tapping on its folder icon.

ADM screenshots By default, it saves files, internal memory ADM folder. Though the user can choose an external memory card or different directory in “Folder for files” option in downloading settings windows. This free download manager for android can resume after reconnection or program restart, pause. However, in order to use those features, file hosted server should support download resume.

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In profile settings, ADM app lets the user choose different settings for WI-Fi and mobile network connections. In this feature, user can specify the number of parts in multi-threading, a minimum size of the parts, max download speed, the maximum number of errors for pause downloads. By default, this option disabled.

When the download started, ADM displays its progress in a tiny top window at the top left. This window displays completed percentage, current speed and remaining time. User can customize this tiny window colour horizontal alignment, vertical alignment.

With planing feature, the user can schedule downloads by using time, mobile or WiFi connections. Moreover, it has a notification feature. This Android download manager can notify sound as well as vibration when the download success, intercept or if it failed. In addition to that, it displays a notification icon too.

At present, there are two types of version. Free and paid. The free version displays ads at the bottom of the screen. But there’s no feature different (at this moment).


Advanced Download Manager
Advanced Download Manager
Developer: AdvancedApp
Price: Free
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