How To Add Snow Falling Effects To WordPress | Plugin

This is the Christmas season. It’s better if you can decorate your WordPress sites with snow falling effects. It gives better attractions and new look to your site or blog. WP Super Snow is a one of the customizable snow falling WordPress plugin. It’s a totally free plugin and can download though the WP dashboard.

Unlike the other ones, this one gives better controls of the virtual snow bowlers . The user can apply snowflake process, size in pixels, durations in seconds and transparency effects. In addition to that, by default it disables virtual snow falling effect on the mobile WordPress site. However if the user like to display that effect in all the devices it can enable in its configuration page. The main reason for disable virtual snow falling for mobile devices has reduced the CPU usage and improve the battery life.

This free WordPress plugin work out of the box. Although it’s better customize its Max Snowflake Duration option for better performance and attraction. It uses jQuery and CSS3. Looks like this Christmas plugin not negatively impact sites performances. In my VPS there’s two WordPress sites and use this WP plugin, but I can’t see any page loading delay, higher RAM or CPU usage at peak times as well as off peak times.

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Installing WP Super Snow.

  • Navigate to your site’s Plugins>Add new.

Add new plugin to WP

  • Next search “WP Super Snow (Falling Snow, Customizable)” and click install link.
  • Then activate it by click on the activate link.
  • OR download it from the below download link and upload it to the cPanel account /wp-contents/plugin/ folder and extract in there.
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Developer: WebSharks, Inc.
Price: Free


Setting up the plugin for snow effects.

This plugin optimized for better performances and reduced the negative impact of your site’s performances. Therefore once activated its service you don’t need to change its settings. Although in my situation, I only changed its “Max Snowflake Duration (in Seconds)” to 45 give a better look.

  • Once it’s activated you can see a Super Now panel in the WP left menu.
  • Under the “Enable/Disable” option enable snow effects service.
  • Next under the “Virtual Snow Blower” customize its snow falling effects and blowers colour, times in seconds, snow flake image, process etc.
  • Click on the “Preview” to view the changes before apply to main site.
  • If every time OK, you can scroll to the bottom of the configuration page and save the settings.


Customize conditions.

In this conditions configuration can enable snow falling effects for all the devices including mobiles as well as the desktop version of the site, run only a specific post or page and as well as only run the selected time period (e.g.: – month of December) and much more.

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